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5 Dream House Tips: Planning and Building Luxury Homes

Most of us may dream of owning our own custom house, and for the lucky few that dream can become a reality. However, a dream is one thing, putting it into action so that you end up with a physical home can be fraught with problems, and it can also be very expensive. It doesn’t have to be that way though, and by following the tips on this page you should be able to keep some of the costs down, and prevent many problems that other people suffer when they are planning and using home builders. For all the information you need to find assistance with home builders take a look at Luxury Homes Waco Texas where you will find all that you need and more.

The Lot

Depending on where you live will depend on the lots available to build on. If you are looking for something in a city then lots may be limited and a higher premium, but if you are looking in the suburbs or the outskirts then you may get some good deals. Sometimes you may get a better deal by buying a much bigger lot than you need, so see if it is possible to go half with someone in your family. You won’t be building on their half, but you can keep their investment in good condition by converting it into a garden. Sometimes you can grab a bargain if it is classed as a problem lot, such as one which contains a hillside.

Buying The Lot

Before signing anything you need to check that what you want to build there is actually allowed. It is no good buying a lot only to discover later that your dream home must be kept to one floor with a flat roof. Also make sure that the company you are buying from is legitimate; it is usually better paying a little more for land with a well-known company that a little-known one. It is a big investment so seek legal advice to check out the paperwork before signing.

The Plans

There are a lot of companies that will draw up plans for your dream home, but find those with a number of good reviews. Also, go onto building forums and ask about architects, home builders, suppliers, and any other advice you may need as you will get responses from real people. Always make sure that the person or company drawing up the plans allows you to make a few modifications without being charged an additional fee.


You don’t have to buy the most expensive materials, as this does not mean that they are better, however it is usually best to avoid the very cheapest. It is also advisable to buy materials that are hard wearing as this can save you money in the long run. One good tip is to go to building salvage yards, or a demolition site and see what you can find. You may want some wooden beams in the house, and worn ones would look more natural. The same goes for old solid wooden doors and other things.

Home Builders

You are going to hire a number of people in order to build your dream home. This means glaziers, roofers, electricians, plumbers and a few others. Always check their credentials online, again use the forums. Always make sure that you have a contract before you hand over any money, and that it has been looked over by a lawyer. This is the stage were people lose the most money when things go wrong. You should also not have to pay for labor in advance, but some companies may want you to purchase the materials.

Having you dream home built can end up costing you a lot more than you planned if you do not take these tips into consideration, and the problems that can be caused along the way can all but ruin your dream.

Shopping For New Homes

There is nothing quite like looking for new homes, especially when you have several different home builders from which to choose. The model homes will have all of the latest styles and furnishings in order to make the new homes look their best. Everything has a unique freshness and sparkle, which makes each home you visit a new adventure.

When you walk in the front door, you notice that the newness is so evident that it almost knocks you over. The first thing that you notice is that the layout of the home is going to be unique and will probably have special features that are not normally found in run-of-the-mill homes. There will probably a foyer that sets the tone which will have some unique characteristics, such as a full-length mirror, a painting or perhaps a window that looks out upon a flower garden on the side of the house.

Then you walk into the great area, with oversized furniture, focused toward a flat screen TV attached to the far wall. There is enough area to seat quite a few people comfortably, and the decor is comfortably modern, with accessories that set the tone. Various oversize lamps and vases are punctuated throughout the room that is tastefully decorated with pictures and wall coverings.

The oversized kitchen is adjacent to the family area, with an open, serving area bar between the kitchen and the family room. The kitchen is large and has an island that includes a range on top, as well as seating around for casual dining. The built-in appliances fit the wooden motif of the room, which creates a rich and inviting down home feel for the room. Large sink to ceiling windows reveal a back yard that is beyond an expansive deck, that reaches out a good 20 feet beyond a back door. Two microwave ovens are available for quick heating needs, and the double door subzero refrigerator indicates there will be plenty of food coming up.

The formal dining area is right off of the kitchen, and is also adjacent to the family area. The dining room table is stretched out to seat 10, and the light coming in from the oversized windows gives the room an outdoor feel, yet the formality is not lost. You can imagine a comfortable family dinner with all of the hustle and bustle of conversation and fun.

The master bedroom is a statement of elegance, yet functional with a huge showering/spa area that defines utility with luxury. The refrigerator/coffee area will save you from having to run to the kitchen for a snack or for your morning coffee. You can imagine pampering yourself in the oversized tub, while catching up with the news or weather via the permanent flat screen TV opposite the tub. There are two huge walk-in closets, one for her and one for him, leaving no doubt as to having enough space.

There are three other bedrooms, all located conveniently along a back hallway for the kids and guests.

The two and one half car garage has ample storage space for those extras that need to be out of the main stream of things, but easily accessible nonetheless. You walk out the back of the house to the deck that has a beautiful swimming pool that sparkles in the sunlight. You notice the hot tub area, built into the pool, with its easy stair steps leading down into the seating area of the hot tub.

The fun and possible changes when you finalize your design and ideas into this layout is what makes shopping for new homes so much fun. You are able to pick from so many choices such as carpeting, finishes, room layout, paint color, elevations, and so many more distinctive choices, the house becomes a personal choice of how you wish to live.

Top Tips For You To Use When Dealing With Home Builders

Luxury homes are defined as properties that are on the top 10% of market for real estate properties for sale. These homes will generally be above the million dollar mark and some super elite homes even reach between two and three million. Luxury homes and the home builders that build them have unique qualities that stand out from the rest of the standard homes for sale.

There are various choices when you would like to invest in luxury homes below are top tips to take into consideration before you decide to invest in one of these wonderful properties.

1. Familiarize yourself with the Searching Process

Many luxury homes may not be listed on the various sites of realtors this is due to protecting the seller’s identity or privacy. In this case you may have to inquire from your realtor of choice the types of properties they may have that haven’t been listed.

You may have to refine your search when using the internet to source luxury homes, it is advisable to rather search for different realtor companies and then ask what type of luxury properties they may have on their books.

2. Look Past the Photos

Ensure that you don’t miss out on a great luxury home due to photos. Some properties are not photogenic from the front and you would need to view the property in person to make a fair analysis. Using a search engine such as Google Earth will be able to help you view the property from all sorts of angles.

3. Choose a Realtor that is an Expert in the Local Area

It is really important to use an agent who has the access to high end properties in your price range. There may be limited access to luxury homes and you will need an agent that will be able to schedule appointments for you in order to view.

4. Use A Bank That You Have A Positive Relationship With

Using a bank that you have been using for many years will put you in a better light when applying for a home loan on luxury homes. Your bank already has an existing portfolio on you which makes the loan application a bit easier for you.

5. Financial Documentation

Make sure that all your financial affairs are documented ask your accountant or financial advisor to help you put together proof of the money you have as well as proof of earnings. This will further aid in obtaining a loan from your bank for luxury homes.

6. Hire Advisers that Offer you Honest Reliable Advice

A reputable realtor will offer you with informative suggestions and leave the deciding factors up to you. Your financial planner and realtor should have your best interests in mind and should be on agreement before you make a purchase on luxury homes.

7. Obtain Title Insurance

Title insurance can protect you from problems that may arise at a later stage when purchasing luxury homes. Ensure that you read over and fully understand the page that states exceptions. Ask your realtor for advice if there is anything that you are not sure of or you don’t understand.

8. Consider Future Developments

You may want to buy luxury homes that may not have any other buildings around your property but it would be wise to find out if there are any future developments in the pipeline. You don’t want to invest in a home with great views just to find that a few years later your view is ruined from other buildings around your home.

9. Find out about Condominiums and Cooperatives

For condos or co-ops you will need to have an attorney who will represent you and will be able to conduct research of the viability on finances for the building you may want to buy.

10. Negotiation

It is usually due to remodeling that luxury homes are able to fetch the prices they do. However your agent should be able to tell you what similar homes in the area have sold for recently. This will aid you in offering a fair price on the luxury homes you would like to purchase.